A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Long after humans have gone extinct, robots have taken their place. Taking place in a robot city in the sky, players take control of Robot Boy, a simple robot in this city preparing to propose to the love of his life, Robot Girl. Disaster strikes, however, when Robot Boy proposes. Robot Girl is taken by complete surprise and her circuits cannot control the happiness that has flooded into her system. She explodes suddenly, launching parts throughout the city and knocking Robot Boy out.

20 years later, Robot Boy awakens in the hospital and is brought up to speed on the situation at hand. He knows what he must do now to repair his love. Robot Boy must explore the city and interact with its inhabitants in order to find the her parts and put her back together so that they both can have their happily ever after.

Install instructions

After the .zip file has downloaded, extract the files, and launch the executable.


GearsOfLove_Win.zip 184 MB
GearsOfLove_Mac.zip 156 MB